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Optome​tric Equipment

Advanced equipment includes:

  • HD True Colour Wide-field Retinal Scal (Centervue Eidon)

Optometric equipment taken on the same eye

Traditional fundus cameras make use of flashes and normal optics technology to photograph retina, the retinal images are relatively more blurred and could not reflect the refined changes of colours of retinal tissues.  Also, due to limitation of technologies, traditional fundus cameras basically could not photograph retinal images without pupil dilation.  Therefore, the image quality provided by traditional fundus cameras for clinical diagnosis are of relatively lower quality, it is possible that the diagnosis and further follow up by optometrists on the refined retinal tissue changes for retinal health might be interfered.

Our Centre is equipped with HD true colour wide-field retinal scan, customers could photograph large area of retina under high definition and true colours without pupil dilations which greatly help the assessment of our optometrist towards the retinal health of our customers and facilitate mutual communication.  On the other hand, customers could better understand their own retinal health status.


People suffering from mild to moderate cataract could conduct this eye check.

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